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                          glcontrol.hpp  -  description
    begin                : Mit Sep 25 13:11:41 CEST 2002
    copyright            : (C) 2002-2007 by Harald Krippel
    email                : harald@the-develop.net

 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *


  *@author Krippel Harald

#include <config.h>

#include <QtGui>
#include <QtOpenGL>

#include <listviews.hpp>
#include <globdefines.h>

// plib
#include <plib/ssg.h>
#include <plib/ssgAux.h>

// SPL
#include "spl_prg.hpp"
// QTScript
#include "qtscript_prg.hpp"

// ODE
#include <ode/ode.h>

#include "camera.hpp"
#include "player.hpp"
#include "barrier.hpp"
#include "body.hpp"
#include "cursor3d.hpp"

extern class QMutex ph_mutex;

class ssgaSky;
class phThread;
class shader;

/** Glcontrol is the base class of the project */
00062 class Glcontrol : public QGLWidget
    /** construtor */
    Glcontrol(QWidget* parent=0);

    virtual void  transform();

    /** destructor */

    ssgTransform *globj;
    ssgRoot      *scene;

public slots:
    void          setMouseMode(int mode);

    void          setXRotation( double degrees );
    void          setYRotation( double degrees );
    void          setZRotation( double degrees );

    void          setScale( double s );

    void          setXTrans( double x );
    void          setYTrans( double y );
    void          setZTrans( double z );

    void          setXScale( double x );
    void          setYScale( double y );
    void          setZScale( double z );

    virtual void  setRotationImpulse( double x, double y, double z );
    virtual void  setTranslationImpulse( double x, double y, double z );
    virtual void  setScaleImpulse( double x, double y, double z );
    void    initFolderListItem(FolderListItem * i,const QString &path);
    void    setFocusDefault(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusObject(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusPlayer(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusBarrier(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusBody(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusLamp(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusFog(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusFire(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusScene(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusSky(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusSound(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusSPL(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusQTS(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusShader(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusCursor(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusGUIText(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusGUIButton(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusGUIOSButton(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusGUIInput(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusWaveSys(FolderListItem * i);
//    void    setFocusTerrain(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusCamera(FolderListItem * i);
    void    setFocusPartSys(FolderListItem * i);

    void    StopSound();
    void    viewCamera(FolderListItem * i);
    void    switchCamera(FolderListItem * i);
    int     loadObject(FolderListItem * i, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addFire(FolderListItem * i, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addLensflare(FolderListItem * i, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addLamp(FolderListItem * i, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addWaveSys(FolderListItem * i, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addCamera(FolderListItem * i, ssgTransform *obj);

    static void droplet_create ( ssgaParticleSystem *, int, ssgaParticle *p );
    void    addPartSys(FolderListItem * i, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addFog(FolderListItem * i);
    void    addPlayer(FolderListItem * i, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addPlayerFile(FolderListItem * i, QString path , QString file, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addBarrier(FolderListItem * i, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addBarrierFile(FolderListItem * i,QString path , QString file, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addBody(FolderListItem * i, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addBodyFile(FolderListItem * i,QString path , QString file, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addSky(FolderListItem * i, ssgTransform *obj);
    int     addSpl(FolderListItem * i, ssgTransform *obj);
    int     addQTScript(FolderListItem * i, ssgTransform *obj);
    int     addShader(FolderListItem * i, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addSPLFile(FolderListItem * i, QString path , QString file, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addQTSFile(FolderListItem * i, QString path , QString file, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addShaderFile(FolderListItem * i, QString path , QString vfile, QString ffile, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addSound(FolderListItem * i, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addSoundFile(FolderListItem * i, QString path , QString file, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    addCursor(FolderListItem * i);
    void    addGUITXT(FolderListItem * i);
    void    addGUIButton(FolderListItem * i);
    void    addGUIInput(FolderListItem * i);
    void    addGUIOSButton(FolderListItem * i);
    void    addNetwork(FolderListItem * i);
    int     addTmpObject(FolderListItem * i, FolderListItem * imodel, ssgTransform *obj, sgCoord pos, int id);

    void    loadObjectFile(QString path , QString file, ssgTransform *obj);
    void    makemyCurrent();
    void    DeleteScene();
    void    redrawScene();
    void    gtimerDone();
    void    updatePH();
    void    puRedraw();    
    void    phDelete();
    void    changeAttribute (FolderListItem * i, char *attr, char *value);
    void    switchScene(FolderListItem * i);
    int     getPoint(int x, int y, sgVec3 *poi);
    int    compile();
    // wavesys Callbacks  uuugggssssss @@@ H.K.
    static int enableTexGen ( ssgEntity * );
    static int disableTexGen ( ssgEntity * );
    // 3D-Object Callbacks  uuugggssssss @@@ H.K.
    static int objprecall  ( ssgEntity * );
    static int objpostcall ( ssgEntity * );

    void    msg_ph_update(const QString & msg);


    void    initializeGL();
    void    load_database ();
    void    init_graphics ();
    void    update_motion ();
    void    paintGL();
    void    resizeGL( int w, int h );
    void    mousePressEvent( QMouseEvent *e );
    void    mouseReleaseEvent( QMouseEvent *e );
    void    mouseMoveEvent( QMouseEvent * );
//    void        mouseDoubleClickEvent( QMouseEvent * );
    void    wheelEvent( QWheelEvent * );
    void    keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *e);
    void    initVariables();
    void    init_gui();

    bool animation;
    usercamera *usercam;
    float phfps;

protected slots:

    FolderListItem *focusitem;
    bool wasAnimated;
    QPoint oldPos;
    QTimer* gtimer;
    phThread *phthread;

    int delay;
    int mouse_mode;   

    ssgaFire      *gl_fire_obj[MAX_FIRE];
    int gl_fire_num;

    ssgaParticleSystem *gl_partsys_obj[MAX_PARTSYS];
    int gl_partsys_num;

    ssgaWaveSystem *gl_wavesys_obj[MAX_WAVESYS];
    int gl_wavesys_num;

    AlSound        *gl_sound_obj[MAX_SOUND];
    int gl_sound_num;

    static ssgCallback   waveprecall[MAX_WAVESYS];
    static ssgCallback   wavepostcall[MAX_WAVESYS];
    ssgaSky  *gl_sky_obj[MAX_SKY];  
    int gl_sky_num;
    int gl_player_num;
    Player  *gl_player[MAX_PLAYER];
    int gl_barrier_num;
    Barrier  *gl_barrier[MAX_BARRIER];

    int gl_body_num;
    Body  *gl_body[MAX_BODY];
    int gl_cursor_num;
    cursor3d *gl_cursor_obj[MAX_CURSOR];

    int gl_spl_num;
    splPrg  *gl_spl_obj[MAX_SPL];

    int gl_qtscript_num;
    qtscriptPrg  *gl_qtscript_obj[MAX_QTSCRIPT];

    GLfloat xRot, yRot, zRot;
    GLfloat xTrans, yTrans, zTrans;
    GLfloat xScale, yScale, zScale;
    GLfloat scale;
    GLfloat cxRot, cyRot, czRot;
    GLfloat cxTrans, cyTrans, czTrans;
    int gllook;
    // Fog
    int gl_fog;
    sgVec4 skyfogcol ;
    GLfloat fogdensity;
    GLfloat fogstart;
    GLfloat fogend;
    int     fogmode;
    int     foghint;
    // context
    Camera *my_context;
    float mgox;
    float mgoy;
    int keylook;
    ssgaLensFlare *lensflare_obj;
    FolderListItem *sceneitem;



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