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usercamera Class Reference

#include <usercamera.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Krippel Harald

Definition at line 33 of file usercamera.hpp.

Public Member Functions

void bind (const int id)
void kbd (char key)
void setUserCamera (const float pos[3], const float R[12])
void update ()
 usercamera (Camera *glcontext)
void view ()

Public Attributes

float camhight
float camradius
float camrotw
int camtyp
int cbind
sgMat4 cmat
float gox
float goy
FolderListItem * item
char kbback
char kbcamheightadd
char kbcamheightsub
char kbcamradadd
char kbcamradsub
char kbcamrotadd
 key to rotate the camera clockwise
char kbcamrotsub
 key to rotate the camera counterclockwise
char kbforward
char kbleft
char kbright
FolderListItem * miditem
ssgTransform * objtrans

Protected Attributes


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