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splaModel Class Reference

#include <splamodel.hpp>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Harald Krippel, Bernhard Arnberger

Definition at line 27 of file splamodel.hpp.

Public Member Functions

void addRelForce (float velx, float vely, float velz)
void addRelTorque (float velx, float vely, float velz)
QString getAttribute (char *attr)
FolderListItem * getFolderListItem ()
int getHandle () const
float getPositionH () const
float getPositionP () const
float getPositionR () const
float getPositionX () const
float getPositionY () const
float getPositionZ () const
void playSound ()
void Rotation (float h, float p, float r)
void setAngularVel (float velx, float vely, float velz)
void setAttribute (char *attr, char *value)
void setLinVel (float velx, float vely, float velz)
void setPosition (float x, float y, float z, float h, float p, float r)
void setRotation (float h, float p, float r)
void setSequence (int sequenz, int mode)
 splaModel (const int id, FolderListItem *item)
void stopSound ()
int switchCamera ()
int switchScene ()
void update (double dt)

Static Public Attributes

static QList< splaModel * > g_Models

Protected Attributes

int handle
FolderListItem * miditem
int play
sgCoord pos
int updateme

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