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shader Class Reference

#include <shader.hpp>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Harald Krippel <harald@the-develop.net>

Definition at line 26 of file shader.hpp.

Public Member Functions

void compile ()
char * FileRead (const char *fn)
char * GetInfoLog (GLuint cc)
GLint GetVariable (char *strVariable)
void initShaders (const char *strVertex, const char *strFragment)
void Release (void)
void SetFloat (GLint variable, float newValue)
void SetFloat2 (GLint variable, float v0, float v1)
void SetFloat3 (GLint variable, float v0, float v1, float v2)
void SetFloat4 (GLint variable, float v0, float v1, float v2, float v3)
void SetInt (GLint variable, int newValue)
void TurnOff ()
void TurnOn ()

Protected Attributes

GLuint f
char FraFileName [256]
int glslok
GLuint p
GLuint v
char VerFileName [256]

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