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aStar Class Reference

#include <astar.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Krippel Harald

Definition at line 26 of file astar.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 aStar (unsigned tmpmapWidth, unsigned tmpmapHeight, unsigned tmptileSize, unsigned tmpnumberPeople)
int FindPath (int pathfinderID, int startingX, int startingY, int targetX, int targetY)
int ReadMap (const char *file)
int ReadMapValue (int x, int y)
void ReadPath (int pathfinderID, int currentX, int currentY, int pixelsPerFrame)
double ReadPathX (int pathfinderID, int pathLocation)
double ReadPathY (int pathfinderID, int pathLocation)

Private Attributes

int * Fcost
int found
int ** Gcost
int * Hcost
char ** map
int mapHeight
int mapWidth
int nonexistent
int notfinished
int notStarted
int numberPeople
int onClosedList
int * openList
int * openX
int * openY
int ** parentX
int ** parentY
int ** pathBank
int * pathLength
int * pathLocation
int * pathStatus
int tileSize
int unwalkable
char ** walkability
int walkable
int ** whichList
int * xPath
int * yPath

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