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QtNPBindable Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The QtNPBindable class provides an interface between a widget and the web browser.

Inherit your plugin widget class from both QWidget (or QObject) and QtNPBindable to be able to call the functions of this class, and to reimplement the virtual functions. The {moc}{meta-object compiler} requires you to inherit from the QObject subclass first.

    class PluginWidget : public QWidget, public QtNPBindable
        PluginWidget(QWidget *parent = 0)


Definition at line 39 of file qtbrowserplugin.h.

Public Types

enum  DisplayMode { Embedded = 1, Fullpage = 2 }
 This enum specifies the different display modes of a plugin. More...
enum  Reason { ReasonDone = 0, ReasonBreak = 1, ReasonError = 2, ReasonUnknown = -1 }
 This enum specifies how an URL operation was completed. More...

Public Member Functions

DisplayMode displayMode () const
void getBrowserVersion (int *major, int *minor) const
void getNppVersion (int *major, int *minor) const
NPP instance () const
QString mimeType () const
int openUrl (const QString &url, const QString &window=QString())
QMap< QByteArray, QVariant > parameters () const
virtual bool readData (QIODevice *source, const QString &format)
virtual void transferComplete (const QString &url, int id, Reason r)
int uploadData (const QString &url, const QString &window, const QByteArray &data)
int uploadFile (const QString &url, const QString &window, const QString &filename)
QString userAgent () const

Protected Member Functions

 QtNPBindable ()
virtual ~QtNPBindable ()

Private Attributes

QtNPInstance * pi


class QtNPStream

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