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Glcontrol Class Reference

#include <glcontrol.hpp>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Glcontrol is the base class of the project

Definition at line 62 of file glcontrol.hpp.

Public Slots

void addBarrier (FolderListItem *i, ssgTransform *obj)
void addBarrierFile (FolderListItem *i, QString path, QString file, ssgTransform *obj)
void addBody (FolderListItem *i, ssgTransform *obj)
void addBodyFile (FolderListItem *i, QString path, QString file, ssgTransform *obj)
void addCamera (FolderListItem *i, ssgTransform *obj)
void addCursor (FolderListItem *i)
void addFire (FolderListItem *i, ssgTransform *obj)
void addFog (FolderListItem *i)
void addGUIButton (FolderListItem *i)
void addGUIInput (FolderListItem *i)
void addGUIOSButton (FolderListItem *i)
void addGUITXT (FolderListItem *i)
void addLamp (FolderListItem *i, ssgTransform *obj)
void addLensflare (FolderListItem *i, ssgTransform *obj)
void addNetwork (FolderListItem *i)
void addPartSys (FolderListItem *i, ssgTransform *obj)
void addPlayer (FolderListItem *i, ssgTransform *obj)
void addPlayerFile (FolderListItem *i, QString path, QString file, ssgTransform *obj)
int addQTScript (FolderListItem *i, ssgTransform *obj)
void addQTSFile (FolderListItem *i, QString path, QString file, ssgTransform *obj)
int addShader (FolderListItem *i, ssgTransform *obj)
void addShaderFile (FolderListItem *i, QString path, QString vfile, QString ffile, ssgTransform *obj)
void addSky (FolderListItem *i, ssgTransform *obj)
void addSound (FolderListItem *i, ssgTransform *obj)
void addSoundFile (FolderListItem *i, QString path, QString file, ssgTransform *obj)
int addSpl (FolderListItem *i, ssgTransform *obj)
void addSPLFile (FolderListItem *i, QString path, QString file, ssgTransform *obj)
int addTmpObject (FolderListItem *i, FolderListItem *imodel, ssgTransform *obj, sgCoord pos, int id)
void addWaveSys (FolderListItem *i, ssgTransform *obj)
void changeAttribute (FolderListItem *i, char *attr, char *value)
int compile ()
void DeleteScene ()
static int disableTexGen (ssgEntity *)
static void droplet_create (ssgaParticleSystem *, int, ssgaParticle *p)
static int enableTexGen (ssgEntity *)
int getPoint (int x, int y, sgVec3 *poi)
void gtimerDone ()
void initFolderListItem (FolderListItem *i, const QString &path)
int loadObject (FolderListItem *i, ssgTransform *obj)
void loadObjectFile (QString path, QString file, ssgTransform *obj)
void makemyCurrent ()
static int objpostcall (ssgEntity *)
static int objprecall (ssgEntity *)
void phDelete ()
void puRedraw ()
void redrawScene ()
void setFocusBarrier (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusBody (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusCamera (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusCursor (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusDefault (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusFire (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusFog (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusGUIButton (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusGUIInput (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusGUIOSButton (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusGUIText (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusLamp (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusObject (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusPartSys (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusPlayer (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusQTS (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusScene (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusShader (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusSky (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusSound (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusSPL (FolderListItem *i)
void setFocusWaveSys (FolderListItem *i)
void setMouseMode (int mode)
virtual void setRotationImpulse (double x, double y, double z)
void setScale (double s)
virtual void setScaleImpulse (double x, double y, double z)
virtual void setTranslationImpulse (double x, double y, double z)
void setXRotation (double degrees)
void setXScale (double x)
void setXTrans (double x)
void setYRotation (double degrees)
void setYScale (double y)
void setYTrans (double y)
void setZRotation (double degrees)
void setZScale (double z)
void setZTrans (double z)
void StopSound ()
void switchCamera (FolderListItem *i)
void switchScene (FolderListItem *i)
void updatePH ()
void viewCamera (FolderListItem *i)


void msg_ph_update (const QString &msg)

Public Member Functions

 Glcontrol (QWidget *parent=0)
virtual void transform ()
 ~Glcontrol ()

Public Attributes

ssgTransform * globj
ssgRoot * scene

Protected Member Functions

void init_graphics ()
void init_gui ()
void initializeGL ()
void initVariables ()
void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *e)
void load_database ()
void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *)
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *e)
void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *e)
void paintGL ()
void resizeGL (int w, int h)
void update_motion ()
void wheelEvent (QWheelEvent *)

Protected Attributes

bool animation
float phfps

Private Attributes

GLfloat cxRot
GLfloat cxTrans
GLfloat cyRot
GLfloat cyTrans
GLfloat czRot
GLfloat czTrans
int delay
FolderListItem * focusitem
GLfloat fogdensity
GLfloat fogend
int foghint
int fogmode
GLfloat fogstart
Barriergl_barrier [MAX_BARRIER]
int gl_barrier_num
Bodygl_body [MAX_BODY]
int gl_body_num
int gl_cursor_num
cursor3dgl_cursor_obj [MAX_CURSOR]
int gl_fire_num
ssgaFire * gl_fire_obj [MAX_FIRE]
int gl_fog
int gl_partsys_num
ssgaParticleSystem * gl_partsys_obj [MAX_PARTSYS]
Playergl_player [MAX_PLAYER]
int gl_player_num
int gl_qtscript_num
qtscriptPrggl_qtscript_obj [MAX_QTSCRIPT]
int gl_sky_num
ssgaSky * gl_sky_obj [MAX_SKY]
int gl_sound_num
AlSoundgl_sound_obj [MAX_SOUND]
int gl_spl_num
splPrg * gl_spl_obj [MAX_SPL]
int gl_wavesys_num
ssgaWaveSystem * gl_wavesys_obj [MAX_WAVESYS]
int gllook
QTimer * gtimer
int keylook
ssgaLensFlare * lensflare_obj
float mgox
float mgoy
int mouse_mode
QPoint oldPos
phThread * phthread
GLfloat scale
FolderListItem * sceneitem
sgVec4 skyfogcol
bool wasAnimated
GLfloat xRot
GLfloat xScale
GLfloat xTrans
GLfloat yRot
GLfloat yScale
GLfloat yTrans
GLfloat zRot
GLfloat zScale
GLfloat zTrans

Static Private Attributes

static ssgCallback wavepostcall [MAX_WAVESYS]
static ssgCallback waveprecall [MAX_WAVESYS]

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