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Camera Class Reference

#include <camera.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Camera manipulator class for use with plib. Featuring zoom-to-point and tilt about object point.
Roland Schwarz

Definition at line 27 of file camera.hpp.

Public Member Functions

void getEyePoint (sgVec3 *point)
int getPOI (sgVec3 *eye)
void pan (const int x, const int y)
void setAspect (const float a)
void setFOV (const float fovy)
void setPOI (const int x, const int y)
void setPOI (const sgVec3 p)
void tilt (const SGfloat a, const sgVec3 axis=Yaxis)
void walk (const SGfloat d)

Static Public Attributes

static const sgVec3 Xaxis = {1.0,0.0,0.0}
static const sgVec3 Yaxis = {0.0,1.0,0.0}
static const sgVec3 Zaxis = {0.0,0.0,1.0}

Protected Attributes

sgVec3 POI
int valid

Private Member Functions

void rotate (const SGfloat a, const sgVec3 axis)
void translate (const sgVec3 dist)
void unproject (sgVec3 *upt, const sgVec3 pt)

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