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CCatalogEditDlg Class Reference

#include <CCatalogEdit.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for CCatalogEditDlg:


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Detailed Description

Krippel Harald

Definition at line 29 of file CCatalogEdit.hpp.

Public Slots

virtual void click (QModelIndex index)
void doubleclick (QModelIndex index)
virtual void slotEditData ()
virtual void slotGetCatPath ()
virtual void slotGetCombo ()
virtual void slotGetData (FolderListItem *i)
virtual void slotGetData ()

Public Member Functions

 CCatalogEditDlg (QString, QWidget *parent=0, QString tmppath="", QDir::Filter filters=QDir::AllEntries, Qt::WFlags f=0)
void fillcombo ()
void fillicon (QDir::Filter filters)
QString getcatpath ()
QString getfile ()
QString getpath ()

Protected Attributes

QString catpath
QString file
QString path
int state
QDir tmpdir
QString tmppath
Ui::Dialog ui

Private Attributes

QDir::Filter catfilter
QStandardItemModel * model
QWidget * myParent


struct  Item

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