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Body Class Reference

#include <body.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Krippel Harald

Definition at line 27 of file body.hpp.

Public Member Functions

void addRelForce ()
void addRelTorque ()
void adjustMass (float tmpmass)
void createOdeBody (dWorldID odworld, dSpaceID odspace, int typ)
void getPosition (sgCoord *bodypos)
void Rotation (float h, float p, float r)
void Scale (float x, float y, float z)
void setAngularVel ()
void setLinearVel ()
void setObjtrans (ssgTransform *trans)
void setPosition ()
void setRotation ()
void setTransform (ssgTransform *objtrans, const dReal pos[3], const dReal R[12], dVector3 dxyz)
void typ (dSpaceID odspace, int typ)
void update ()

Public Attributes

float avel [3]
ssgTransform * boxobjtrans
float lvel [3]
ssgTransform * objtrans
dBodyID odbody
dGeomID odgeom
dGeomID odgeom_group
dMass odm
int oldtyp
sgCoord pos

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